Christina Papadakis was born in Louisville Ky.  She is currently living in Athens, Greece.

She teaches dance, creative movement/expression and conversational English to performers and non-performers of all ages.

Her 7 children’s books have been published in the Greek language by Thymari Press (Athens, Greece).

She has a BA in Art/Theater from Bates College, an MA in Art History from UMass, Amherst, an ISTD Intermediate diploma in Modern/Jazz and is completing an DDE/ISTD diploma in Dance Education (Modern/Jazz), SCBYI member.

For private classes or seminars, contact Christina at:
[email protected]

Her e-book Anna and the Story that wanted to Fly can be purchased on Amazon.

Written by:
Christina Papadakis

Illustrated by:
Sylvia Kartelia
Leonidas Sampanis
Constantinos Angelis